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From design to development to production, they are made not far from the Belgian design label and thanks to their sleek, minimalist style they breathe new life into the Miffy narrative. Manufacturing contemporary deco collections locally is a top priority for Atelier Pierre and the company pulls out all the stops to make this happen.

Next June it will be 65 years on the dot that Dick Bruna conjured up Miffy from his story hat. Even today, the guileless and uncomplicated white rabbit appeals to countless children worldwide. The collaboration between Mercis bv - the publisher who represents the interests of Miffy - and Atelier Pierre started as long as 10 years ago, when it became clear that the little white rabbit’s unique simplicity dovetails perfectly with Atelier Pierre’s design language.

Today the Belgian design label is celebrating Miffy’s birthday with the launch of a new collection which, incidentally, is manufactured entirely in Belgium. The collection consists of the characteristic rabbit’s ears in lasered and powder coated metal to be styled with or without photograph holder and a magnetic board to be placed or hung. The items are available in the colours white and black. ‘100% Made in Belgium’ translates the story of Miffy into contemporary design objects whose sleek and minimalist design language gives a unique touch to both the nursery and living spaces.

100% manufactured locally

Atelier Pierre prides itself on the fact that the development and production of the new collection was a 100% Belgian affair. More even, the entire production process takes place within a 12 km radius of the Wevelgem-based family business. The photograph holders are actually made of recycled Belgian oak from a parquet factory and later finished by a local carpenter. As for the labels on the packaging, those are manufactured in Atelier Pierre’s own personalisation department. Even the assembly and packaging are handled in-house.

This shift to 100% Belgian design demands extra energy of everyone in the company but we’ve found that our employees are very enthusiastic about this new approach.” (Frank Vanhalst, CEO Atelier Pierre)

As a company we feel very strongly about sustainability and we are constantly looking for ways to take things one step further”, CEO Frank Vanhalst says. “As a result, local manufacturing has topped our list for quite a while and now we’ve finally succeeded in ticking that box. This change demands extra energy from everyone in the company, from product development and purchasing to administration and logistics. Nevertheless, we’ve found that our employees are very enthusiastic about this new approach.

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miffy made in Belgium
oreilles miffy en métal fabriqué en Belgique
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oreilles miffy en métal fabriqué en Belgique design
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