Payment methods

Payment methods


Security for online payments: 

For secure, online payments, Atelier Pierre works with the international company Shopify. Specialized in offering online payment solutions for e-commerce, Shopify guarantees you a 100% secure processing.


The transaction always takes place through a secure site with several firewalls, directly between Shopify and the consumer. Neither Atelier Pierre nor third parties get to see your card number or other personal information. Among other things, Shopify verifies the validity of your card, card number and access rights of your credit card. Atelier Pierre then receives a notification when the transaction is completed and the payment will be made. This way, your order is immediately confirmed, that way we can proceed with the shipment.


How can I pay? 

The following payment methods are used:

§  Bancontact 

§  Mastercard


§  Maestro


Can I pay later?

We do not accept this. We also do not work with bank transfers, as this slows down the entire process from order confirmation to shipment of the order. In fact, your order will only be dispatched once your payment has been received.